Lahore, Pakistan

Jinnah Hospital

The existing Jinnah Hospital reveals several functional, structural and construction deficiencies, resulting of an outdated layout and years of improper maintenance.

The purpose of the intervention is to update the existing Hospital to the most recent and state of the art clinical treatments, while resolving also its decayed condition and the reasons behind it. It is also part of the scope, to address the circulation of the hospital and reduce the amount of public presence on the inside of the building, by envisioning a plan that provides the necessary separation of circuits between Staff and Public, and by resolving circuit relations that are currently not clear or inexistent.

Overall, the Jinnah Hospital will become a modern facility, that intends to establish new standards and provide high quality services in the healthcare area. It will also provide the conditions for the growth of a learning environment where specialists are going to be trained to advance the health welfare in the region.

The building shall make use of the most modern construction techniques and solutions, seeking a sustainable design, from the used materials, to the energy consumption and efficiency. It should be patient and family oriented, making the community part of the treatment and recovery process.

  • Date

  • Area

    80,260 sqm
  • Capacity

    1500 Beds
  • Client

    Infrastructure Development Authority of Punjab