Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Nahdi Healthcare Centre

The Nahdi Healthcare Center is a new outpatient clinic facility provided with 15 clinics, imaging equipment, laboratories and pharmacy.

A very clear layout organizes its multiple functions across 3 floors, ensuring the clear separation of public, staff and administrative areas. We followed the very latest evidence-based design principles in healthcare, where all clinical areas have direct natural light, staff travel is reduced to the maximum optimizing efficiency and well-being, clear functional division avoiding patient/service unnecessary crossings, minimizing cross infection and assuring a healthy and efficient place to work. For the clinics, we adopted the racetrack model with central supporting areas, reducing this way the staff travel distances.

Despite its small size, the building shows a strong facade and massing solution. The contrast between the solid concrete bands, and the glazing areas in between them surprises the viewer and gives a sense of lightness to an otherwise dense building.

The projections and recesses in the façade allow for the creation of balconies and roof gardens that can be experienced by the building users.

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  • Area

    3,381 sqm
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    Nahdi Healthcare Center