Lahore, Pakistan

Punjab Agriculture, Food and Drug Authority Laboratories

The purpose of the intervention is to create a Laboratory with the most recent and state of the lab equipment. The proposed project is the first of its kind in the Province of Punjab, Pakistan, emphasizing the need to ensure unadulterated food, drugs, and agricultural inputs to the public through interventions in the areas given above using an integrated and holistic approach. A system based, integrated and holistic approach is needed with strategic coordination and collaboration with all stakeholders. It will be a modern facility, that is intended to establish new standards and provide high quality services in the area.

It will also provide the conditions for the growth of a learning environment where specialists are going to find the best working environment in order to advance the welfare in the region. The building shall make use of the most modern construction techniques and solutions, seeking a sustainable design, from the used materials, to the energy consumption and efficiency.

  • Date

  • Area

    25,865 sqm
  • Client

    Infrastructure Development Authority Punjab