Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Polyclinic Riyadh

Modern healthcare facility with a clean and strong architectural image, that will become a benchmark in the city for this kind of program. Bring reliance to the users through a high-end building that people trust, creating a new step on the market for this kind of facility, forcing competitors to go after to keep the pace. An efficient building was users feel comfort, be impressed by the quality of the space, the light penetration, and the temperature control. A simple, logical and understandable organization for users and staff.

Easy to build, modular, that can be adapted and repeated in other places, creating a single strong image for all clinics. Quality materials, durable and with good aging.

The building planning is generated from a central double height space, with entrance, reception, lobby and waiting areas of the ground floor. The key idea is to promote visual connections between the distinct levels. From this atrium, it’s possible to understand how the building and public circulation works.

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    4,502 sqm
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